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How to care for your Lisa Rosen Jewlery

Jewelry Care
Many jewelry cleaners are designed to clean either metals OR stones, but not both. Semiprecious and precious stones may be sensitive to most cleaners. Please read the directions carefully. Here are some general guidelines:

Semiprecious and precious stones
Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe away any moisture or oils from wear as polishing cloths and tarnish removers can damage stones.

Gold and silver will naturally oxidize over time. It's the air that speeds along this process, therefore, storing in an airtight container or bag can slow down or prevent tarnishing. You can use a a gentle polishing cloth and/or some tarnish removers. Jewelry on delicate chain can be dipped in a gentle professional cleaner. I recommend Jewel Brite.

Hand-strung beaded jewelry
We use steel cable which is very strong, however, it can kink. Therefore, close the clasp after usage and store flat. Do not dip these necklaces in jewelry cleaners and avoid getting wet as moisture will compromise the integrity of the stringing materials.

Other Notes
It is a good idea to put your jewelry on after you put on any perfumes or lotions to avoid damage. Do not sleep in jewelry. Store lying flat and secure clasp.

Feel free to contact us and we can make product recommendations on how to clean your Lisa Rosen jewelry.
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